BusMinder is a multi-functional monitoring system that creates a safer, more secure way for students to travel. Using the latest in GPS and electronic smartcard technology, it gives teachers and parents full control at the touch of a button.

BusMinder is an innovative app that provides schools with proof of travel for every student trip. Schools can see in real time who is on the school bus and the location of the bus, as well as making student excursions and boarding of buses a simple task. Parents can check to see if their child is on a bus, and even track the journey of the bus, and set alerts for when the bus will arrive for ease of pick up.

All students are issued with a BusMinder card which is unique to them and contains a small microchip, or we link into a schools existing NFC. This microchip stores data itemising the student's bus journey, making it a valuable source of information for school excursions and private commutes.

When a student boards or alights a bus, they will tap their BusMinder card on to an electronic reader. This reader will then disseminate the information to the teacher’s and parent's phone – indicating the child's current location.

BusMinder provides an extra layer of student safety and security to the school bus commute, giving teachers and parents more control and accountability during this time. BusMinder makes 'pick-ups' and 'drop-offs' easier to manage, instant location alerts to your mobile phone, provides peace of mind, and efficient and accurate head counting makes BusMinder the ideal tool for school excursions.

The system is easy to implement and user friendly; it is secure, inexpensive, allows 24/7 access and will greatly benefit schools and parents alike.